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You are welcomed to Unique Link Identifier Official website. The aim of ULI foundation is to facilitate the researches and publisher with technology in order to stores their articles links in digital form. The permalink if is deleted in case of server crash or due to some other reason, our system stores the Unique Links and the author or the published has to keep only the ULI. In case the permalink is deleted or changed our system will redirect the assigned ULI to new permalink. Unlike others, the published can keep the record of all their ULI and can also change the link and connect with the ULI. Our system is user friendly and easy to access and operate. ULI Foundation is a non-profit organization with the aim to provide best service to the publishers. The difference between other linking system and ULI is that we provide the service in about 50% less cost and gives a number of free ULI to the publishers. Also the annual renewal fee is half as compare to other linking systems.

Example of Unique Link Identifier (ULI)

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