SIR Value

SIR value of journal is new rating standard for Journals.SIR means Scholarsteer Index Rating. Scholar Steer Index Rating (SIR) has been created to evaluate the quality of Journal.More the SIR value, more reputed is journal.SIR value is calculated by a team of experts working for Scholar Steer is helping authors in finding good quality journals since 2014(Click here to know more about Scholar Steer)

Scholar Steer Index Rating depends on various factors like number of citations, quality of paper presentation, online processing, number of papers published, contribution of papers from overseas, timeline of publications and editorial board.Each factor has been given from 5 to 10 point max.SIR value is calculated on the basis of these point.

Negative score is given to Journal having plagiarism and copyright issue.

For “Publisher” level member of ULI Foundation, SIR value is calculated free of cost.You can check the SIR value in your publisher account.SIR value is calculated annually.

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